C’mon 2017, Happy Better Year Everyone!

We’ve all heard that a picture is worth 1000 words so in the spirit of making my New Year Resolution for 2017 I give you the saged wisdom of Moe, Curly and Larry, also known as the iconic Three Stooges. I can already hear the doubting laughter of those whom know me! I am sincere though in my desire to experience an (even) “better year” in practicing the ancient Japanese fable of the three wise monkeys. Only time will prove my resolve. I’ll take all the well wishes I can garner too!

Motos of Michigan has already received a blessing towards continued success in 2017 (and beyond) in becoming CSC Motorcycles first ever officially recognized CSC Motorcycles Service & Warranty Center. The full extent of the details are included in CSC’s blog announcing the collaboration. Here is the link to the news; http://californiascooterco.com/blog/?p=23660

We are genuinely excited about being a CSC Motorcycles Affiliate. What’s important to note is, CSC Motorcycles is completely shaking up the powersports industry. Their customer-centric business model totally eliminates the burdenous and disingenuinous and now all to common, “traditional” dealer network created in the 80’s by those whom I refer to as “Bankers in Pit Shirts”. In becoming a CSC Motorcycles Affiliate, our role is simple. We’ve agreed to make our personal RX3 available to prospective buyers for a first hand review. We can also answer virtually any questions one may have regarding all CSC models, spare parts, warranty claims and service. To learn more about all the CSC models and the exciting things they do go to their website at http://www.cscmotorcycles.com

In 2017 Motos of Michigan will keep the pedal to the metal as we continue growing our opportunities with SSR Motorsports. We are very pleased with the overall acceptance we’ve experienced with SSR Motorsports most recognized and known products. At Motos of Michigan we are proud to be referred to as “that pit bike place” by neighboring dealers of more commonly known brands. In less than 2 years we’ve now sold nearly 100 units of America’s #1 selling Pit Bike, the SR125. We have met so many wonderful people by being just “that pit bike place”.  One such example is Jake and Kendra pictured here on their new SR125’s.  When we have products that are affordable, reliable and as easy to ride as the SR125 from SSR Motorsports, it makes our goals of expanding the motorcycling community easily obtainable.

One source of our pride in representing SSR Motorsports is Jeff Willoh’s unprecedented WORCS Championship victory aboard his SR450S this past November. As many of our FaceBook followers know, Motos of Michigan actively promoted Jeff’s performance aboard his SR450S, built and tuned by Dustin Shanklin of SRE, throughout the 2016 WORCS season. Jeff’s and Dustin’s efforts payed off in becoming the first ever racer and mechanic team to win a majorily recognized race series with a motorcycle produced in China. Here’s an action shot of  #216 Jeff Willoh.

For those who’ve visited Motos of Michigan you know we often refer to all the models we represent as “transitional” bikes. Meaning we offer affordable units that enable folks to “test the waters” so to speak before making the decision to invest heavily in an activity that can, on the surface seem to be very expensive. Here we present just such a case. Meet Travis, a beginning SR70C racer. 

Travis had outgrown his Yamaha PW50 and had expressed his desire to race motocross. His folks decided on the very affordable SR70C as a replacement bike. Well the rest is history! By mid-way through the 2016 race season, Travis was doing so well he advanced to a brand new KTM 50. While Travis will have many race stories to tell later in life, they’ll always begin with how he won his first trophy on a SSR!

On the other end of the spectrum is Prentice. Having only owned three wheelers and quads, Prentice got bite by the bike bug after riding a borrowed Honda XR200 for a weekend ride in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Out of all the full size off road bikes Prentice could have opted for we couldn’t be more happy that he chose the SR450S from SSR Motorsports as his first motorcycle purchase ever! It’s so awesome being known as “just that pit bike place”!

As previously mentioned we are looking to expanding our opportunities with SSR Motorsports readily known products. One such unit is the SRU170RS Side by Side that is creating favorable buzz in the online forums. Priced thousands of dollars less than the offerings from competitors, the SRU170RS from SSR Motorsports is again a product we feel we can fill a need in the ever growing in popularity Side by Side market. Intended as a youth based model, many adults can easily be accommodated by the SRU170. Here’s a picture of the SRU170RS and the link to the SSR Motorsports spec page. http://www.ssrmotorsports.com/store/sxs/sru170rs.php

SSR Motorsports has been one of the industry leaders in the field of electric vehicles too. One particular new entry is the SRZ800 youth motorcycle. We are still gathering information on this new bike. Hopefully we can have models in stock in time for those parents seeking a means to cure their young riders cabin fever! Here is the SSR Motorsports link to the SRZ800 specs and details. http://www.ssrmotorsports.com/store/electric/srz800.php

Our primary business at Motos of Michigan will always be about the retailing, servicing and assuring parts support for the makes we represent. More importantly though is the very nature of our business. Our goal is to match prospects with products that enable them to create lasting memories while enjoying the  positive benefits of including powersports as a part of their lives, not the only thing in their lives. 

As always, God and Family, then Business!



Hodakability – Is a way of life!

I intended to title this particular blog entry as “The geography of time”. I had a hunch to Google that phrase and sure enough, those words are very similar to a book authored by Robert Levine titled as; “A Geography of Time”. So once again I revert to a phrase that I can only attribute to myself and that is, the only original idea is the one you had when you thought I had one. So let’s continue with a different approach.

Now 50 plus years past, a company headquartered in Athena, Oregon known as Pabatco, short for Pacific Basin Trading Company, started importing a small ultilitarian motorcycle of their own design and manufactured in Japan which was to become known as Hodaka. There’s been books written about the history of Hodaka from beginning to end and I have no intentions of covering that history here. If there was ever a company that exhibited more fun in marketing and branding an up start business designing, producing and selling motorcycles then Pabatco in America, I have no idea who it was. 

In 1964 Pabatco introduce their original creation the ACE 90 at an introductory price of $379. In 2016 dollars that equals nearly $2300 today. The ACE 90 by design was ingeniously simple and proved to be extremely reliable and as a result by 1966 Pabatco had sold 10,000 ACE 90 distributed throughout America by less than a dozen dealers. Many ACE 90’s were shipped directly to customers. The ACE 90 was not with outs its quirks though. It’s selector key, constant mesh style transmission was no less finicky then the Sachs design it emulated. Most but not all ACE 90 prospects accepted that they’d have to be willing to “put a wrench” on their bikes themselves if they were to enjoy the benefits of such an inexpensive ride. Recognizing this Pabatco early on coined the phrase; “Hodakability – Is a way of life!

Pabatco was way ahead of the curve in regards to marketing the appeal of the ACE 90 to all genders as well as the general publics perception of those who rode motorcycles. I’ll let you form your own opinion of the next photo ad and how it may have attempted to let’s say portray there were certain perks to be enjoyed in owning a non-intimidating machine such as the ACE 90 in an age when most motorcycles were still associated with the lesser of diserables.

Hodakability also readily conveyed versatility as well. One simple and easily handled bike to get you from the throngs of the city back to your favored retreat away from it all. “Our Trail Country belongs to the STRONG, SAFE, SENSIBLE and it demands HODAKABILITY” Wow! Pabatco really understood the needs of the back country because they developed, tested and continually improved upon the original ACE 90 through the years in and around the area of Athena, Oregon. Though the Hodaka line was produced in Japan it was very much an American motorcycle because that’s where in fact its roots were. 

So where is this “Hodakability” thing going and how does it relate to the “geography of time” and motorcycling? Just as the word Cadillac is now used not only as a noun but also as a verb to describe so many other products and services as being the best in class, I’m going to start using the word “Hodakability” to describe motorcycles that I feel are filling a need at this point in time. 

One such bike that I believe has Hodakability is the TT250 from CSC Motorcycles in Azusa, California. Remember accounting for inflation, the ACE 90 would cost you about $2300 today. Currently CSC Motorcycles is offering their remaining 2016 in stock TT250’s at an amazing $2195!

So based on price the TT250 definitely has “Hodakability”. But what about reliability? Here a little background is justified in order to convey what admittedly has yet to undistputably proven. CSC Motorcycles is the North America distributor of Zongshen motorcycles. Based in China, Zongshen is the largest privately owned producer of motorcycles with an annual yield of 5 million units. Founded in 1992 as a private non-state owned enity, the Zongshen Group now also includes over 50 companies supplying global automotive and motorcycle manufactures with drivetrain components as well as complete engine assemblies.  Zongshen has partenered with companies such as Piaggio and Delphi in the continued developement of motorcycle specific engines and related fuel delivery systems more commonly referred to as EFI. 

Sure, so Zongshen is a Y-U-G-E company that is part of the modern global supply chain, that in itself has nothing to do with the reliability of the TT250 that I claim has Hodakabilty. That’s where CSC Motorcycles comes in, see Hodakability is a mindset, it’s a way of life too at CSC Motorcycles. 

Here’s a photo of the invited guests of CSC Motorcycles who participated in the the most recent CSC Motorcycles hosted group ride, the 2016 San Felipe Run. Clearly Hodakability beats the hearts of these dedicated TT250 riders after completing their nearly 1000 mile trip from Azusa, California to San Felipe Baja Mexico and back again aboard their individually owned TT250’s. I know of no better way to prove a products overall reliability then to openly promote it in actual use by those whom actually are using it. No paid actors here folks!

CSC Motorcycles commerates each of their hosted rides with cleverly designed and colorful stickers. That is like a virtual badge of Hodakability in my book!  I suggest you check out the complete story of the trip documented by CSC Motorcycles front man Joe Berk. Here’s is the link to just on excerpt on Joe’s blog that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. GoTo http://californiascooterco.com/blog/?p=23549

As previously mentioned, Pabatco managed to sell 10,000 ACE 90’s in just a phenomenal 2 years after the bike’s original introduction. In that time while the Hodaka dealer network did grow, the vast majority of those bikes were directly shipped from the warehouse in Athena to the customer. Keep in mind that this was during a period when an motorcycling enthusiast’s knowledge based was derived mainly from magazine articles and advertising. Back in those days the motorcycling press was at the risk of not selling advertising copy to those manufactures whose machines may have received maligning reviews. But for the most part magazines with integrity chose to forego advertising revenue garnered for favor and rather opted for increased magazine sales based upon a reputation for accurately informing a buying motorcycle public of a particular make and models true attributes good and bad. When a magazine’s review of a particular bike was contrarian to what owners and enthusiasts knew was true, well subscriptions were cancelled and those publications ended up in the literal rag heap. That too was in a way Hodakability!

What was a defunct phrase of decades ago, conceived to effective convey a “way of life” is apropos today. Are you ready for some Hodakabilty in your way of life? Where less is more?  Are you ready to get out and enjoy the freedom that is so easily experienced on two wheels? 

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran motorcyclist or someone who is seeking to enter the two wheeled lifestyle for the very first time, I highly encourage you to check out CSC Motorcycles. In my opinion, not since that small group of true motorcycling enthusiast located in Athena has there ever been a company with more present day Hodakability than CSC Motorcycles of Azusa, California. 

Dirt Bike Magaizne, an example of a motorcycle publication that has passed the test of time and survived when others literally folded up and went out of business for the very aforementioned reasons, has a very honest and constructive review of the TT250 from CSC Motorcycles. Again I encourage you to do your own research on the all of the bikes CSC Motorcycles has to offer. 

In wrapping this up I feel it is appropriate to share that while I’m the owner of a RX3 from CSC Motorcycles (another great CSC bike) and consequently a recognized affiliate, I’m not receiving any compensation from CSC Motorcycles for this admittedly shameless plug for what I feel is a really great company. I’m doing this for those of you who possibly had not realized just how much Hodakability you had residing within you just waiting for an outlet. 

So check out CSC Motorcycles and their unique 21st century style of marketing their really awesome line of Zongshen motorcycles, manufactured to CSC Motorcycles specifications. Folks, they truly are American bikes through and through. GoTo http://www.cscmotorcycles.com

As Always,

God and Family then Business!

Mike from MoM

If ya wanna hang with MoM, you better shift a gear!

Hey folks thanks for checking out my latest blog entry. The intent of this blogs title is to serve as a (hopefully) friendly reminder and not a warning of any means. We are really excited about the direction Motos of Michigan in Potterville is heading and trust you will be too.

A recent independent study (me Googling the Internet for facts, figures and information) reinforces what I’ve learned at MoM over the past year and a half. There IS a motorcycling lifestyle revolution underway and MoM is and will continue to play an active role in it.

There is an ever growing segment in the motorcycling market that is entering the two-wheeled realm for the very first time. Fortunately for MoM, we have the products that are ideally priced to meet the needs of those buyers as well as the time, yes the time, to actually listen to our customers and provide them with solutions that either solve or lessen their initial anxiety regarding any powersport product. 

Nearly 50 years ago Yamaha dealers enjoyed the very same business advantage (then) over more established brands of reputed higher quality, performance and not so touted price that we have ourselves at MoM. With the introduction of the 1968 Yamaha DT1 Enduro, those dealing in the brands namesake were to become instrumental in what some still refer to as the Golden Era of Motorcycling in America. That period up to the mid 70’s when America that was fed up with war, social strife and politics in general took to the freedom that for many of us, was and still is most readily experienced on two wheels. 

With a suggested retail price of $580 the Yamaha DT1 was an immediate hit. While most DT1 owners were content with their bikes overall performance in stock trim, there were those whom quickly took to modifying Yamaha’s base model into machines that were more capable of serious competition in scrambles, motocross and desert racing. The motorcycling press of the day played an active role in helping those seeking more performance and those who could make it. 

One such example was the October 1971 issue of Cycle Guide Magazine and the editors cover feature story of how to totally transform the DT1 into a very serious competition machine. One might ask why would a Yamaha owner go to such effort and expense to transform an almost utilitarian mount into a race bike when for less money and effort one could simply purchase say a 250 Husqvarna and be done with it?  The answer? Parts! Repeat P-A-R-T-S!

Ask any old time veteran why they ever abandoned their prestigious marque from Europe back in the day for the likes of a “jap bike” and the answer will more often then not be centered upon either the cost or availability of commonly needed parts. Ever wait 12 month for a piston to arrive from Italy? I have and eventually didn’t. My 250 H-D Sprint was eventually sold by me in the exact state it was purchased by me meaning it still needed a piston! That was way back in the dust of the 70’s. Since that time, if I still owned that old Sprint I could have rebuilt it 3 times with OEM parts off of eBay though at a very significant cost. 

Well enough about the so called Golden Era of Motorcycling. Let’s fast forward to the here and now shall we?

In 1970, then President Nixon created the EPA. The original concept was simple. One Federal Agency to oversee our country’s environmental needs and obligations. It was doubtful that few of us ever envisioned the eventual magnitude the EPA and Federal Government would have on our day in and day out lives nor what impact it would have on our passion for motorcycling and especially the off-roaders among us. No matter how indifferent we may feel the need to be, we all are now part of a global effort to let’s say (on a more positive note) be better stewards of this sphere we call Earth. 

Here’s the reality that is before us. All motorcycles, including those designated “for competition use only” will be subjected to ever increasing regulations regarding emissions. I know that’s a bitter pill to swallow, especially for those “two-smokers” yet clinging to their pre-mix regardless of the ratio! 

For those of you in the latter group I’d suggest, if you are not already so versed, to get well acquainted with the likes of a VOM meter sooner than later if you want your posterity to qualify for Loretta’s in the not so distant future. Say around around 2030 or perhaps even before maybe?

We can expect motorcycles, even those designated as dual sports types, to become increasingly more sophisticated as well as more expensive. As motorcycle manufacturers are forced to comply with emission standards we can expect engine displacements to increase with diminishing horsepower in return. The bikes, as previously mentioned, will become more sophisticated and heavier too. We stand to lose what is in my opinion the essence of motorcycling. That being mechanical  simplicity coupled to a relative lightweight chassis for a superb power to weight ratio offered by no other means of non-human powered transportation. 

Another factor that is effecting ones pleasure to ride a motorcycle virtually anywhere is the availability of open land and space that doesn’t infringe upon the freedoms of others. A good example of what I speak of is an old saying that goes like this. “When you move to the country to get away from it all by the time you have your mortgage paid off your living back in town again.” In other words, urban sprawl and so called progress may possibly limit your access to pursue your passion even if you own enough land for a few simple trails or even a motocross practice track. 
Here’s where we may all consider “shifting that gear” and move into the 21st century and continue the pursuit of our overall passion for all things on two wheels. There are plenty of roads, both paved and graveled just waiting to be traveled again or for the very first time. Let’s get back to our motorcycling roots by adapting to our situation instead of letting it denies us our freedoms to yet discover the less traveled parts of our land that still is America!

I’d like to introduce you to a California based company I hold in high regard. CSC Motorcycles http://www.cscmotorcycles.com is the importer and distributor of Zongshen motorcycles in America. In my opinion CSC Motorcycles is literally writing the book on powersport product distribution and post sales support for 21st century motorcycling in the U.S.A.

Zongshen just happens to be the largest privately owned motorcycle and engine manufacturer in China. Zongshen’s annual combined production exceeds one million units. The overall component quality as well as the fit and finish of all of Zongshen’s models is comparable to that of any make from Japan and easily exceeds those standards accepted on most Europeon marques.

What’s unique about CSC Motorcycles is while now having sold literally hundreds of bikes in the U.S. since 2014, they do not have a dealer network!  CSC Motorcycles has taken complete advantage of the technology at hand and has impowered their customers to choose what is best for them. The entire model line of Zongshen bikes are designed to be easily maintained and serviced with out the need of special tools or exceptional mechanical aptitude. 

The CSC Motorcycles website includes online tutorials for all models with clear and concise instructions written in laymen terms as well as illustrations and clear photos. Below is just one such example.

The other thing that has impressed me so with CSC Motorcycles is their online parts ordering system. Again clear illustrations of exploded part views are the norm and just like Amazon you simply add the desired part to your shopping cart. Here again is an actual example of the parts page featuring a complete cyclinder head assembly for the RX3 Adventure Bike.

Soon I will take delivery of my very own Zongshen RX3 from CSC Motorcycles. At that time I will join the growing ranks of Zongshen owners in America who have opted to be part of CSC Motorcycles recognized Affiliate program. It is really quite simple. I will make my personal RX3 available to those wanting and willing to come check out my bike. CSC Motorccyles doesn’t want affiliates to offer test rides though. This is more of a “fit and feel” demonstration offered by affiliates such as myself. There are plenty of videos on the CSC Motorcycle website as well as YouTube illustrating the overall on as well as off road performance of the RX3.

I’m opting for the standard base model RX3 in silver. I think it is a stunning combination of style and function.

While Motos of Michigan will in all likely hood never be recognized as a CSC Motorcycle “dealer”, my personal choice to be a CSC Motorcycles affiliate does offer us all opportunities to pursue our passions while being part of the 21st century motorcycle experience. 

As Motos of Michigan is a recognized and registered motorcycle repair and service facility, prospects considering any model  of Zongshen motorcycle from CSC Motorcycles can be assured that they will have available service and expertise regarding the post sale support of their particular model.

Next I’m optimistic a certain segment of prospects and eventual buyers of the Zongshen make will see the potential in furthering the performance of CSC Motorcyles value packed TT250 model.

Trust me folks, there is way more potential to be had in the TT250. Just think of  TT250 as the 21st century equivalent to Yamaha’s now famous and highly cherished 1968 DT1.  I’m thinking a turbo with EFI from http://www.ecotrons.com as a start!

So as we layout our agenda at MoM for 2017 it stills includes fully supporting the products from SSR Motorsports as we have from our modest beginnings. You can expect a lot more information as well about CSC Motorcycles and their unique method of establishing the Zongshen brand in America. Our ambitions can only limited by our imaginations. I hope I’ve expanded your thoughts regarding how you to may enjoy motorcycling in the 21st century on the roads less traveled.

As aways, God and Family then Business!

Mike from MoM

…location, location, location…

Motos of Michgan is located in the small Mid-Michigan town of Potterville. Our store is a converted 3 bay gas station originally built in the era when windshields got washed while real gasolone was being pumped into your vehicles tank as the analog meter denoted gallons sooner than dollars with clicks and dings. 

The appearance and condition of the mechanics coveralls back then were indicators of his status within those dimly lit service bays beyond the pump island. Like some sort of unspoken language, dirty  coveralls and fingernails were all the assurance one needed when the family sedan needed attention.  Oh if this corner at M-100 and Benton Street could talk imagine the stories we’d hear!

As we note in most of our advertising, Motos of Michigan is located 2 seconds north of McDonalds. Yep, that McDonalds. We tell those travling I-69 on their way to MoM for the first time to just look for that towering McDee’s sign and we are literally in it’s shadow. We have a great location for selling motorcycles and we can attribute a few sales directly to travelers who stopped for a Big Mac and got way more than they orignally intended to get when they pulled off the highway. 

Somedays though our fantastic location comes with, what I like to refer to as tests. Like the nice lady who stopped to ask for directions to the town of Grand Ledge. On the surface that is a relativly easy request to fulfill as Grand Ledge is 10 miles due north on M-100, the same M-100 we’re located on. The dilemma I was presented with was a bit more perplexing…she had just come from Grand Ledge on M-100!  Knowing that this was most definetly an aforementioned test, I calmy assisted the lady, actually walking her out to the edge of M-100  while pointing north and asking, “why not just go back that way?”

As the exterior remodeling of MoM is much like my life, a work in progress, we still look like a service station of yore. In spite of having a sign declaring the nature of business,  having motorcycles on display and no gas pumps in site we are asked to perform and provide a multitude of tasks. From lawn mower blade sharpening, automotive radiator repair to the removal of front facias panals dragging on the ground from cars that “must of hit something”(you think?) on the highway.  We’ve accomodated travel weary pets as well as their loving owners needing a place to go, yep that kinda of “go”…guess the McDee’s sign isn’t quite as prominent as I thought. 

I’ve inflated numerous tires on bicycles, travel trailers, semi’s and once even a motorcycle. I’ve been told that I had to fix a tailight on a rental car because it was the “law”…I still refused so don’t be surprised if you see me profiled on Crime Stoppers…

All in all though the overwhelmingly vast majority of folks who’ve stopped in here at MoM have been true blessings. The old adage is correct, it’s all about location, location, location.

Oh well it’s to bad this old gas station on the corner couldn’t talk because the stories it could tell.

As always, God and Family then Business

Mike from MoM

My New Year Resolution? Less equals MORE!

As I listened to others proclaim their resolutions at the start of the New Year it occurred to me that really for the most part people know they over indulge. From fudge cake to FaceBook everyone seems to know they need less of it in their lives.  Then that got me thinking about choices I’ve made in my life time that effected me good or bad.

In keeping with my New Year resolution, I’ll stick with the good! I’ve mentioned my first motorcycle before. That little obscure marque from Germany literally salvaged from the scrap pile, my 50cc Kriedler Florett. That bike combined with blissful ignorance is the reason why I became a motorcyclist. Still today after nearly 50 years, I can still feel, not just remember, each and every eventful moment that little bike provided me.


I can remember the day my father Bud shared his knowledge of finicky two strokes with me as together we discovered just how precisely those German designers had tuned the intact tract of that little powerhouse of a motor. 

See I’d adapted about 12 inches of a Hoover vacuum cleaner hose along with a Kohler small engine air filter, sorta then Husqvarna style, to that little Bing carb.  The bike would start and idle great, but it would absolutely not respond positively to any throttling what so ever. It was my father who took the time to prove to me my better idea for air filtration was indeed the problem. Lessons learned? Small bore two stroke performance was best left to German engineers and my father actually did know what he was talking about even though he’d never owned a motorcycle. 

The other thing that little Kriedler taught me was while it was very fast for a 50cc bike, Kriedlers still hold many speed records yet today, I had to keep that throttle pinned if I was to keep up with my buddies who had bikes with double the displacement. They’d catch me on the straights but I’d lead them out of every turn. Nearly after every riding session the discussion would be centered on how fast my bike was. Lesson learned? Let them all believe it was all about the bike!

It goes without saying the above offered wisdom hinges upon ones measure of success doesn’t it?  At this time in my life I’m choosing to define success as my continued effort to effectively share to the best of my ability all of the wonderful things having a true passion for all motorcycles has taught me. In other words, it is definetly time to break rule number one!

So follow along and together who knows what New Year resolution I’ll be making next year. Here’s a hint, it’s not about the bike! Less can be so very much more.

If you like what you read on the MoM blog feel free to leave a comment on our FaceBook page.

As always, God and Family then Business 

Mike from MoM

We’re cook’in with gas now!

Hi Folks, Mike from MoM here to put a wrap on 2015. Christy and I are pleased to say we’ve really enjoyed meeting so many nice people these past several months. Especially during the rush for machines we experienced for Christmas.  What a delight it is to know that in some small way we were able to make Christmas giving and getting dreams come true.

By design Motos of Michigan is a family based buisness that has given us opportunities to share our blessing and passions with others beyond our imagination. We’d like to take this chance to share just a few of the great moments we’ve had this past year. Again we thank you all!

Meet Gabe with his new SR70. To say Gabe was excited to get his first dirt bike only touches upon the surface of this final delivery. How many of you remember getting your first bike? Well multiply those memories by about 10 and you’d be where Gabe was at. 

Next up is a shot of our home away from home this past August while in attendance of the PineCone and JackPine Enduros hosted by the Lansing Motorcycle Club. We also rode in the PineCone Enduro ourselves promoting our bikes from SSR Motorsports. 

With the help of my Brothers we even built our very own PineConer based on the SR125 Automatic. Except for the addition of custom MoM graphics and hand guards, the SR125 Automatic was in absolute stock form.

Here’s our Nephew Kev aboard the PineConer on the trail in the PineCone Enduro.

Then we had Nephew L.D. on the awesome SR450S.

We got Zacky, Grandson of Brother Kevin all set up and ready for his first ever event. Zacky did great finishing with the top 50% his first time out. 

Then there’s yours truly aboard the XF250 Dual Sport Enduro Scrambler from SSR Motorsports. I had a great and very comfortable ride along the event trail and 2 tracks on the XF250.

Another segment of the market MoM is catering to is young and beginning female riders. They’re finding the #1 selling Pit Bike in America, the awesome SR125, is perfectly suited for them. 

Below is Rylie with her SR125 Automatic and fully outfitted in FLY and G-Max gear. We received a text Christmas morning from her Father Andy stating they’d already been out riding together and quote, “She’s a natural!”

Then there’s Rachel. Her ambition is to someday ride on the street. We encouraged her Father Martin to start her off right on the SR125 with manual transmission and clutch helping her make that transition someday to a full fledged street bike a breeze.

Here’s Paige with her whole moto family and new SR125. We installed a lower seat for Paige enabling her Father Brett to opt for the slightly larger and more powerful SR125  and yet still comfortably handle the bike. MoM was happy to accomodate.

And speaking of moto families here’s Denise and Ralph with their new XF250 Dual Sport Enduro Scramblers. What a pleasure it was meeting this nice couple.

Another moto family and the unofficial testing crew for MoM is Tony and his Son. Below is Daughter Autumn with her Brother’s SR125 Automatic.

Here is Tony taking delivery of his new SR189. Ride ON!

Here is Nate and Gita with their Grandson’s SR70. There’s a bit of a story here and let’s just say with this delivery MoM can truthfully say we are now Global! Nate and Gita are really wonderful folks and were a delight to serve.

How many SR70C’s can you fit in a Subaru? Ask Shane he knows! These bikes are destined for track days and minimoto racing. Ride ON!

Brett traveled all the way from Toledo to MoM the epicenter of great deals to take deliverey of a new SR70 and SR125.

We can’t leave out Ted who took our SR450S out for a demo ride. Like most who ride the SR450S he raved about the suspension and smooth and tractable power delivery of the SR450S. Thanks Ted for the “thumbs up”.

Oops…seriously I cannot delete this picture of Nuts & Bolts so I’ll make it a commercial instead…HaHa…Metric Fastener Set for just $29.95 and available exclusively at MoM!

Here we go back on track now…anyway, introducing the most radically different motorcycle in the World, the Christini AWD 450DS. MoM is now an authorised dealer for a machine that has no rivals when it comes to traversing any terrain.


Meet Matt, Afghanistan Veteran who actually rode Christini AWD Military bikes while stationed in Kandahar. Again MoM needs to say thank you Matt for your service as well as your families sacrafice while you were away.

Here’s a neat and concise montage of the Chrisitni AWD system. Stop into MoM and check it out. We have a demo bike available too for test rides. The entire Christini AWD driveline is fully warranted for 12 months.

Here’s the MoM crew getting ready to join the Potterville Christmas Parade. 

Well that’s just about it. As you can see we’ve been blessed this past year by the generosity of so many fine folks. We’ve only shared a few of those moments here with you all. I’m gonna close with one more photo showing how even the smallest details are in the hands of experts at Motos of Michigan!

As always, God and Family then Business!

Thank You – Mike from MoM

Invisable Vision – how to limit one’s overall motorcycling experience¬†

 The former California Scooter Company now known as CSC Motorcycles has been busy shaking up the status quo in regards to the importation of high quality, low cost motorcycles assembled in China.

 Working closely with Zongshen, CSC Motorcycles has managed in a very short amount of time, to bring three very distinct models of new bikes to America.  The RX3 Lightweight Adventure Bike, the back to basics TT Special and the hottest sub 300cc sport bike in Asia the RC3.

  I’m not writing today to “sell” anyone on the Zongshen model line CSC Motorcycles has brought to America. A quick Google search and you can learn all about these bikes and CSC Motorcycles unique and refreshing marketing approach.

 Avid motorcycle enthusiasts these days are more informed than ever. There are countless forums where the truly helpful, the truly needy and the “keyboard Rambo’s” all can dish out their two cents worth of whatever.

 Now that leads me to write about an observation I’ve had while reading the comments from others regarding the CSC Motorcycles model line.

 There seems to be lets say an element out there that has what I call invisable vision. There are those who are quick to point out that the $3500 RX3 is not a $35,000 BMW GS1200. That CSC Motorcycles latest offering the TT Special is not a Honda CRF230L, costing by the way twice the amount of the TT Specials $2500 price tag.

 I myself having been told that I’m quite opinionated naturally offered others their opinion as well in the hope of being allowed mine. In reading those expressed thoughts of others though made me realize why I’ve owned nearly 40 motorcycles. 

 My very first motorcycle was given to me straight off of the scrap pile. It was a 50cc German bike and had been a running Kreidler Florett until it was very much the part of a farm building’s demise by fire.

Below is an example of a Kreidler Florett. It was European and I thought that was very cool!


 Thankfully (?) not suffering from invisable vision I had no idea that it wasn’t like a Sachs Boondocker, Hodaka Super Rat or Suzuki Gaucho. All I saw was a motorcycle that I could afford to fix and make my very own. With the help of my father, my brother and few others I managed to get that burnt mess running again and the rest is history, I’d been bitten!

 There will always be those die hard brand loyalists. Many Goldwing riders will openly tell you their first bike was a Honda Mini-Trail proving my point. 

 But I’m not talking about an individuals preference for a one particular brand here. There seems to be a divison today among motorcycle riders that just simply did not exist during the era when I became a fledging motorcyclist. 

 I’m not positive, I do think though I’m getting closer to settling this in my own mind. A motorcyclist has a vision for the overall experience of what motorcycling means to them. 

 If your day in day out modus operandi is less is more and you ride motorcycles, you are a motorcyclist. When I see a couple on a Goldwing towing a trailer fully laden, I see an alternative to seeing the U.S.A. in a 48 foot motorhome.  When I see a Hare Scrambler competitor on a 20 year old Honda XR200 I see a racer who I know has heart and you can bet that rider is going to challange their own limit all day long until that checkered flag waves. When I see a company such as CSC Motorcycles importing bikes engineered to their very own specifications, I see an enity whose passion aligns very much with my own vision of what motorcycling can be, an ever expanding experience.  

As always, God and Family the Business 

Mike from MoM